High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

The High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) is a research equipment consisting of 1536 computing cores connected together using a high-speed network. The HPC will provide a peak computing power of about 54 TFlops. The HPC consists of 64 compute nodes, each with a dual 12-core Intel processor running at 2.2 GHz with 4 GB of RAM per core. The HPC will also be one of the first systems in India to use a 100 Gbps high-speed OmniPath interconnect from Intel. The HPC will be used by faculty, research staff and students at IIT Palakkad to investigate complex research problems in science and engineering.

Some typical problems include :

1. Understanding and designing materials with novel physical properties by performing atomistic quantum mechanical simulations.

2. Design of nanoscale transistors for next generation electronic applications.

3. Design of novel bio-molecules with applications in medicine.

4. Understanding atmospheric phenomena such as cloud formation and rain.

5. Design of large structures such as bridges and buildings.

6. Performing computational fluid dynamic simulations with applications to aircraft design.

7. Understanding the process of heat transfer in complex systems such as engines.

The HPC will enable researchers at IIT Palakkad to undertake computer simulation based consultancy projects for various industries in the aerospace, semiconductor, biotechnology, civil, mechanical and other sectors. In addition to the above research and consultancy activities, IIT Palakkad will also train students to deal with the nuances of writing special computer programs that will exploit the power of parallel computation. We expect that such students will be playing a major role in building up the technical capabilities of the nation with regards to high performance computing.