• Wed
      3:00 pmAuditorium

      Title. Touch the Sky With Glory:
      The Nation’s Air Power – The Weapon Systems of the IAF, its contemporary technology and our capability to secure the Nation
      Speaker.: Air Marshal Simhakutty Varthaman PVSM AVSM VM VSM (Rted)

    • Wed
      3:00 pmAuditorium

      Title. The work of three World War Two cartoonists
      Speaker. Mr. E.P. Unny, Chief Political Cartoonist, The Indian Express.

    • Wed
      3:30 pmAuditorium

      Speaker. Mr Nakul Bhalla

      About the speaker. Mr Nakul Bhalla is a graduate in mechanical engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology. He worked as a central planning engineer at Larsen and Toubro limited and then as a research assistant at IISc Bangalore. Starting a new chapter of his life, he joined the Dramanon Theatre Company as a creative partner and then later went on to start his own theatre company, The SparkPlug Theatre Company which is more than three and a half years old now.

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    • Mon

      Crosstalk 6. Electronic Warfare during World War II

      5:30 pmConference Room
      Speaker. Dr. Swaroop Sahoo
      Title. Electronic Warfare during World War II
      Abstract. During World War II various countries attained varied level of technological expertise. The technological expertise or readiness covered various fields of science and technology. Some of the fields with lot of research activities, inventions, design and experiments were electronic warfare and navigational technology.
      This talk will give an introduction to various electronic warfare techniques, related hardware inventions and uses. It will also provide an insight into the war doctrines of countries and resultant uses of electronic warfare of 1935-45. This talk will also introduce the basic details of the navigational technology used by guided bombers (for bombing and landing) and first missiles (V1 and V2) of World War 2 years.


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    • Tue

      Talk on Polynomial Rings over Commutative Rings-Algorithmic Techniques and Applications by Maria Francis

      1500 HrsRoom no. 117

      Title: Polynomial Rings over Commutative Rings - Algorithmic
      techniques and Applications
      By-Maria Francis
      - Space: Room 117.
      - Time: 15:00-16:00 hrs, Jan 2, 2018.

      Abstract: Polynomial rings over Noetherian commutative rings have
      applications in several areas like cryptography, control theory,
      coding theory and algebraic geometry. For example, in lattice based
      cryptography, most arithmetic operations are over integers, and in
      control theory parametric equations with polynomials themselves as
      coefficients are very common.  Algorithmic techniques for polynomial
      rings over fields are well studied with Groebner bases being one of
      the fundamental tools in computational ideal theory.  Even though
      various approaches have been proposed to extend Groebner bases theory
      to polynomial rings over rings, these techniques have only looked at
      extending basic definitions and concepts.

      In this talk, She will present an algorithmic characterization that
      allows us to extend certain fundamental results in the theory of
      Groebner bases like the Macaulay-Buchberger basis theorem to
      polynomial rings over rings.  I will also present an algorithmic
      method to compute the Krull dimension of residue class rings of
      polynomial rings. Finally, I will show how these techniques can be
      used to extend the notion of ideal lattices to the multivariate case,
      an important class of lattices that have several applications in
      lattice based cryptography. I will also show how to build collision
      resistant hash functions using these ideal lattices. This is a joint
      work with Prof. Ambedkar Dukkipati and ongoing work with Prof. Manuel